Rudy Ruettiger and Trent


April 25th at 9:05am I had the chance to meet up with Rudy Ruetiger, the underdog! It was pretty neat meeting up with a man you continues to inspire people around the globe, urging them to go after their dreams, and keep persisting. We spent an hour filming him doing some short inspirational videos to share with people. I'll be setting up a lead generation system using his videos to help the Continue Reading

One of My Great Heros-Grandpa Grant B. Huffaker


My dear grandpa, friend, golfing buddy, teacher and life coach Grant B. Huffaker passed away to the next life this evening April 17th around 8pm MST. I'm going to miss him so very much. Thanks to my parents wisdom and foresight in taking me and the family over to visit him and grandpa and Dennis for years, I was blessed to have this amazing man teach and inspire me in so many ways. It truely Continue Reading

3 Step Formula that helped Frank Kern Sell over 50 Million Dollars

I just watched Frank Kern's video about his "Secret" formula that helped him sell over 50 million dollars on the internet and thought I'd share my notes from it here. It was awesome! Frank is such an amazing marketing genius and he's dang funny too. Step 1: Pattern Interrupt People inherently are skeptical. They are bombarded with distractions more than ever. You have 9 seconds to have Continue Reading

How to track and measure campaigns using google URL builder

If you want to know exactly where your traffic is coming from when using email, ppc, link posting on websites and blogs or anywhere else you market your website links then using Google URL builder is a pretty cool tool and quite helpful to be using. Plus it's free! How to use it: Once you visit the Google URL builder website simply fill out the fields with an asterisks and then click on Continue Reading