What is Water Kefir – 12 Steps to Making Probiotic Drinks Yourself

Hi! Trent here and today I'll be teaching you about water kefir and how this natural fermented probiotic drink can improve the overall health of you, your children and entire family! So what is kefir and why is it increasing in popularity throughout the world, especially among people who are become more health conscious? Have you heard of what probiotics can do for your health? If you have Continue Reading

Rudy Ruettiger and Trent


April 25th at 9:05am I had the chance to meet up with Rudy Ruetiger, the underdog! It was pretty neat meeting up with a man you continues to inspire people around the globe, urging them to go after their dreams, and keep persisting. We spent an hour filming him doing some short inspirational videos to share with people. I'll be setting up a lead generation system using his videos to help the Continue Reading

One of My Great Heros-Grandpa Grant B. Huffaker


My dear grandpa, friend, golfing buddy, teacher and life coach Grant B. Huffaker passed away to the next life this evening April 17th around 8pm MST. I'm going to miss him so very much. Thanks to my parents wisdom and foresight in taking me and the family over to visit him and grandpa and Dennis for years, I was blessed to have this amazing man teach and inspire me in so many ways. It truely Continue Reading

Health Benefits of Beetroot


Beetroot is a veggie also known as table beet, garden beet, red or golden beet and is loaded with lots of nutritional value that almost entitles it to be in the list of super foods. Beetroot is cultivated and consumed worldwide, and the nutritious worth of this vegetable should not be hidden. Beetroots can be eaten raw in salads, can be grilled, boiled or even roasted; they can be pickled as Continue Reading